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Tejashbhai Bipinbhai Patel also well known as (Jigabhai – The Taste of Khedut) was born in Kamrol village on 30 November. Since the age of 20, He is interest to work for the farmers benefits. By completing the academic education, under the guidance of his divine Father Shri. Bipinbhai Manibhai Patel they experienced the experience of government and politics and farming business. After the demise of his father, He himself became the Chairman of The Petlad - Sojitra Taluka Co-Op. Purchase & Sales Union Ltd., Petlad. In order to solve the questions and the problems of the farmers. Furthermore, in the time of the shortage of chemical fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, due to resolve this shortage which is the primary requirement of farmers they have participated in election of The Gujarat State Co-Operative Marketing Federation (Gujcomasol) in 2004. From the same day to present he is working for the farmers so that farmers can kept getting the things they needed at the right time at fair price. Along with this, when the matter came up of The Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Petlad they have explain the proper meaning of APMC to the farmers and people and how can farmers can be benefited from it and how APMC can be useful for them. After that they have taking part in the elections of 2012 and they won the election with their entire body and the day onward he has took the responsibility of the organization on their shoulders as the chair person. In the 2012 the income of APMC was only 30 lakh rupees. Since then after training the farmers, working together with traders as per rules with the constant hard work and effort and the true guidance of Tejash Patel at present income of APMC has been increased to 3 crore Rupees.

Moreover, When the development of the farmers was discussed, Jigabhai has developed the advanced vegetable market in Petlad. For this reason, the farmers got good price for the sales of vegetable and it was first time seen in Gujarat. At Present, Gujarat district has taken inspiration from the concept of it. and made the concept of 'Apani Mandi'. It is a matter of great pride for us. Further, In 2012 when nobody wants to buy the vegetable from the vegetable market then the same vegetables should be sold in other talukas or districts by showing it through the online technology this concept has been first though by the Jigabhai. To strengthen their vision, our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendrabhai Modi have introduce the project named 'Electronic National Agriculture Market'(eNAM) and linked all the APMC of India through the eNAM.

Not only-but also, Recently The Gujarat Government has launched a solar power scheme for farmers - Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) enabling them to generate electricity for their captive consumption as well as sell the surplus power to the grid and earn an extra buck. In order to make this scheme successful to help the farmers Tejashbhai Patel have formed The Petlad - Sojitra Taluka Solar-Energy Manufacturer Co-Op. Society Ltd., in Petlad. Today, 11 KV Ishnav feeder which is a total of 2.6 Megawatts, is the first and the largest feeder in India, which is inaugurated at Piplav. In near future this will provide farmer’s 12-hours power supply during the day time and they can use it for irrigation purpose, as well as make money while selling the left over energy to the grid. The additional energy from these panels can make farmers earn more while selling it to the State Government.

In Addition to, Jigabhai is serving as a Director of The Kaira District Co-Operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd. (Amul Dairy), Anand. And from the day onward he is working for the milk producers so that they can continues grow and they try to get better and better price of milk day by day. Likewise, Tejash Patel is also working as a Director of The Kaira District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd. (KDCC Bank) , Nadiad , Chair Person as The Petlad - Sojitra Taluka Solar-Energy Manufacturer Co-Op. Society Ltd. , Petlad , Director as a The Gujarat State Co-Op. Tobacco Growers Federation Ltd., Anand and giving their services on such countless industries with their constant effort and dedication for the farmers and the people’s welfare.


The places where Tejash Patel providing services his services

  • 2012
    Chairman of APMC, Petlad.
  • 2015
    Director of AMUL, India.
  • 2004
    Director of Gujcomarsol, Ahmedabad.
  • 2006
    Director of KDCC Bank, Nadiad.
  • 2017
    Director of Guj. State Co.Op. Tobacco Growers Federation Ltd., Anand.
  • 2005
    Delegate (KRIBHCO), Delhi.
  • 1998
    Chairman of Petlad-Sojitra Sangh Ltd, Petlad.
  • 2018
    Chairman of Chairman of Solar Co - Operative, Petlad.
  • 2019
    Delegate (IFFCO) , New Delhi.

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