Sauraurja Co-Operative Organization Chairman


In the Year 2018 the Gujarat Government has launched a solar power scheme for farmers - Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) enabling them to generate electricity for their captive consumption as well as sell the surplus power to the grid and earn an extra buck.

In order to make this scheme successful to help the farmers Tejashbhai Patel have formed The Petlad - Sojitra Taluka Sauraurja Utpadak Sahkari Mandali Ltd., in Petlad. Today, 11 KV Ishnav feeder which is a total of 2.6 Megawatts, is the first and the largest feeder in India, which is inaugurated at Piplav.

Not only this but also, 11 KV Trambovad Feeder is also inaugurated at Trambovad.  In near future, this will provide farmer’s 12-hours power supply during the day time and they can use it for irrigation purpose, as well as make money while selling the leftover energy to the grid. The additional energy from these panels can make farmers earn more while selling it to the State Government. 

This all credit goes to the Shree Tejeshbhai's Indefatigable efforts and dedication towards this "Orange Revolution".